Breastfeeding clothes :
Your breasts are on the front,
our openings follow the movement!

1️⃣ The importance of breastfeeding in our lifestyle

You may have noticed: for several years now, a number of brands have been entering the breastfeeding clothing market.

Is it a fashion phenomenon?
First and foremost, we think it's a case of a need being met and high expectations in terms of style and practicality.

And then there's the positive side of all this: the more we talk about breastfeeding, the more we tend to normalise it, even if there's still a lot of work to be done on the subject! There are still too many judgements, too much insecurity for young breastfeeding mothers in certain public places, too few measures in terms of employment law, and too little support for women from pregnancy onwards in terms of their future breastfeeding.

2️⃣ What's the role of a breastfeeding garment brand in all this?

Sublimate this interlude in life when women sometimes lose their footing, when women often don't like the reflection of their body - however powerful - in the mirror.

A garment that will give them back that feeling of comfort, security and freedom, so they can breastfeed with peace of mind, wherever they go and whatever they choose.

This feeling of security and freedom will be enhanced by the practicality of the garment, which should above all guarantee that they can breastfeed without constraint, and discreetly.

3️⃣ And that's where the openings and their super powers come in!


Because these openings are the very essence of breastfeeding garments (without ever putting style aside, that's something we keep very much in mind at You&Milk, don't worry).

We expect them to allow all women to be able to pull out the Holy Breast in 2 seconds, stopwatch in hand, to satiate a hungry little (or big!) baby. And you know as well as we do, a little one's appetite can't wait... at least not for more than 10 seconds!

1 / The question of positioning breastfeeding openings 🧐

Whereas 90% of breastfeeding garment brands offer side openings, at You&Milk we've decided to offer front openings only.

Why do we do this?
Well, quite simply because women's breasts are... on the front!

That's when you ask yourself THE famous question ... If women's breasts are on the front, why do so many brands offer side openings?
Well, for 2 reasons:

- The first is that it costs less to make / produce in the workshops: as the side opening is often hidden in the side seam, it means a lot less work for the workshops, which means less time billed, which means lower manufacturing costs...

- The second is that you don't have to worry so much about hiding side openings on a garment designed for breastfeeding!

That's right... no need to think about how to hide the zip or press studs, just tuck them under the arms or right next to them (but even more visible) and forget about it!

So you don't have to think about feasibility, concept or innovation studies, which aim to find THE right place, THE right way to place openings to respect the design and style of the garment...

Easy... less expensive 😕 ...

For more than 4 years, we could have given in to the siren calls of side openings for all these reasons, but that would be knowing us badly...

As you know, far be it from us to take the easy way out, we've preferred to offer nursing clothes adapted to your body shape, and to adapt to you, and your clothes, rather than the other way round!

2/ Why are front openings more practical and resistant than
resistant than side openings on a nursing garment? 🤓

Well, if you look at a woman opening her breastfeeding t-shirt with a side opening, you'll immediately notice that she has to pull on the opening to get at her breasts... and yes, if your breasts are in front (which is the case in 99.99% of cases), and the opening is on the side, you naturally have to pull on the fabric to make room for your breasts to come out in front.

If you find yourself having to adjust your breasts to the opening, i.e. pulling your breasts to the side to be able to breastfeed your baby... hello discomfort!

What's more, if you do this repetitive movement 5, 6 or even 10 times a day to breastfeed your baby on demand, over time (and this is the feedback we very often get from mums/customers who tell us they no longer want to wear breastfeeding garments with side openings), the fabric stretches, and the seams end up getting tired, sometimes tearing... and the fabric, i.e. the T-shirt, in turn stretches... Not great you might say!

With this in mind, we're proud to offer and maintain a breastfeeding opening system that's not only consistent, but also much more practical for everyday use.

All our nursing garments have front openings for breastfeeding.
It's the (obvious) You&Milk signature.

👉 On our breastfeeding T-shirts and sweatshirts, they are horizontal, positioned under the breast, with a double slider (You&Milk's signature since the beginning) to adjust the amplitude for breastfeeding from left to right, with one or 2 children you can breastfeed at the same time.

👉 On our dresses, blouses and nursing shirts, our openings are always positioned on the front, this time vertically.

The sliders/zips (or pull tabs for our Belgian friends 🇧🇪 ) are cleverly hidden so that no one suspects for a second that the garment you're wearing is a nursing garment.

Above all, it's a garment that you like, that you feel good in and, above all, that will be practical for breastfeeding in all circumstances, wherever the wind takes you!

3 / Invisible zips or classic zips?

At You&Milk, we're the invisible zips team!

The industry often uses classic zips (those you find on jackets and coats, for example) to reduce costs.

So, on a sweatshirt, a T-shirt or a dress, the opening won't be discreet, but on the contrary very visible, which we don't want (and neither do you, apparently)?

For our part, we prefer invisible zips, for the simple reason that they're... invisible... so they blend in with the design of the garment we're creating, without distorting it, which is totally in line with what we want to offer you every day: beautiful, practical clothes designed to make breastfeeding and motherhood easier, so you can feel free, stylish and serene during your lactation interlude, and long afterwards!

Let's sum it up 🤓, nursing clothes with front openings :
it's more DISCREET,
more PRACTICAL for breastfeeding,
a real challenge for us as a Brand for their original design, but such an advantage for you as a mum!