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You have to learn to be a mother!

Être maman, ça s'apprend !

Written by Louise Portafaix, psychologist specialising in perinatal care - Updated on May 25, 2023

Summary :

    By Louise Portafaix - Perinatal psychologist


    Becoming a mother and perceiving oneself as one engages a consequent psychic work. In fact, motherhood is similar to a period of identity crisis and maturation that reactivates particularly vividly infantile experiences, primary anxieties and original fantasies. For the woman, this would be a new organisation of her psyche.

    Questions such as "How does one become a mother?" , "What kind of mother do I want to be?", "What kind of baby have I been?", "What kind of baby do I want to have?" can emerge and question the woman in her motherhood.


    The difficulties linked to motherhood are still difficult to grasp by society. Furthermore, it is important to be aware that this period is not always easy to live through, either morally or physically, and that it is normal to have moments of doubt or anxiety. Allow yourself to consult professionals (midwives, childcare assistants, gynaecologists, psychologists, osteopaths, etc.) to support you during this very special time of motherhood.

    The main advice for a mother-to-be would be to listen to herself, to her needs and desires, to take the time to connect with this new body, this new reality and to be indulgent with yourself.

    Read about it if you want, listen to podcasts if you need, but above all do what you enjoy doing. Remember that every woman is unique and will experience this differently.

    "You are not born a mother, you become one."


    PS : on your birth list, add gifts for you (a post-natal massage, a facial, a restaurant, a manicure, a hairdresser's appointment, an osteopathy session,...)



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