Birth boxes

THE perfect birth gift to spoil both mother and baby !

Birth boxes


When the joyous event of welcoming a new family member is on the horizon, it is customary to give a baby gift

to show affection to the future parents as well as the baby.

But how to stand out from other presents, where to find the ideal gift, and how to be sure to please?

Be bold and original with You&Milk and choose a baby gift for the new mom. Discover our capsule collections Mama & Baby matching sets, but also our nursing clothes for women: maternity dresses, our sweaters, sweatshirts, nursing t-shirts, nursing bras, nursing bralettes, and nursing blouses! Several ideas to give a baby gift to mom.

Why give a baby gift to the mom?

When a child is born, family and friends try to be as inventive as possible in choosing a gift that stands out. This often results in the baby receiving a plethora of stuffed animals, pajamas, rattles, booties, and various plush toys.

However, giving a baby gift to the mom is a gesture filled with tenderness and appreciation for the one who is about to embark on the incredible adventure of motherhood. At You&Milk, we believe that every mom deserves to be celebrated and pampered with gifts and attentions that not only reflect the affection and support of her loved ones but also meet her needs and those of her baby.

By choosing a baby gift for the mom with You&Milk, you opt for products that combine style, comfort, and functionality and are specifically designed to accompany young moms in this new stage of their life alongside their little one.

Whether through maternity clothes designed to adapt to their body's changes, nursing outfits that offer style, elegance, and practicality, or childcare accessories, maternity pillows, nursing bodysuits for the mom, and baby onesies... Each gift choice is a precious mark of support.

Giving a baby gift to the mom also shows her that she is seen, appreciated, and supported. It contributes to her well-being and that of her newborn by offering quality products that meet her needs. You&Milk offers a wide range of items that celebrate this unique moment and make your gift not only original but also full of meaning and consideration for the mom-baby duo.

What unique gift to give a new mom?

Finding a unique and meaningful gift to congratulate the future or new mom is both an exciting and delicate quest, which consists of finding the gift that no one else would have thought of, and that will delight the new mom. For this joyous event that is the birth of a baby, You&Milk offers you our best ideas for original gifts, specially selected to please both the mom and her little one.

1. The denim nursing shirt matched with the baby's blouse

This gift idea is a nod to the budding bond between the mom and her baby. The nursing shirt offers optimal comfort to the mom and essential practicality for nursing moments, while remaining deeply stylish. Paired with an adorable baby blouse in the same fabric, this duo creates a harmonious set that reflects the unique bond between mother and child. A personalized gift that, without a doubt, will bring a lasting smile as enduring as their bond.

2. A birth gift box with a nursing t-shirt and a baby onesie

The birth gift box is the perfect gift to celebrate new life. Including a nursing t-shirt designed for comfort and ease of use, as well as a baby onesie to wrap the newborn in softness, this gift box is a thoughtful way to celebrate this moment. Each piece has been designed to make the mom's daily life easier while taking care of her baby: the guarantee of giving a gift appreciated for its usefulness and originality.

3. The printed nursing dress and the baby bloomer

For an aesthetic and functional gift, our printed nursing dress, accompanied by a matching baby bloomer, is an original choice. The coordinated patterns create harmony between mom and baby. Giving this birth gift shows your attention to detail and your deep consideration for mom and baby. You show that you want to celebrate their bond with elegance while offering a comfortable and easy nursing solution for the mother.

4. A set of organic cotton swaddles

Organic cotton, gentle on the skin and environmentally friendly, is the ideal choice for wrapping the newborn. Our set of organic cotton swaddles is not only practical but also gentle on the baby's delicate skin. Each swaddle is designed to be versatile and can be used as a light blanket, bib, or nursing cloth, making it a baby gift that is both useful and eco-friendly.

5. A set of baby onesies

The baby onesie is the staple of every newborn's wardrobe. Choosing to give a set of onesies is a gesture that is both practical and full of affection. Designed for the baby's daily comfort, our 100% cotton onesies are made to be soft and comfortable for the little one's chubby limbs.

Here are some of the many baby gifts you can give to the mom to be original and make sure you give a different, lasting gift.

What gift to give an expecting mom?

You don't have to wait for the birth to make the mom happy and think about a gift for her.

Celebrating pregnancy and making this period as comfortable and special as possible is a wonderful way to show your affection and support to the expecting mom.

Giving a gift before the child's birth is a gesture that originally highlights this significant and deeply moving event. To choose a gift for an expecting mom that is both practical and full of consideration, here are some You&Milk gift ideas that will delight the recipient.


A maternity dress

An elegant and comfortable maternity dress is a unique gift that celebrates the beauty and changes of a pregnant woman's body during this period. Choosing a dress designed to adapt to the future mom's curves will make her feel not only beautiful but also comfortable at all times. It's a gift for a pregnant woman that is sure to please, though be sure to know her tastes and the style of clothing she likes to wear.


Maternity lingerie

Giving a maternity bra or a pregnancy bra is an intimate and thoughtful way to pamper the expecting mom. Designed to offer extra support while being incredibly soft and comfortable, our range of lingerie for pregnant women ensures better well-being and greater confidence over the months of pregnancy. It's a birth gift idea before the baby's arrival that combines utility and pleasure while focusing on the mom's personal comfort.


Maternity pillow

A maternity pillow is a must-have for any expecting mom. Versatile, it can be used to support the belly during sleep, help with breastfeeding once the baby arrives, or simply allow the expecting mom to relax comfortably. It's a practical and thoughtful gift that finds its place in the daily life of any pregnant woman.

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