Your breasts are on the front: our openings too!

The role of breastfeeding clothing brand?

👉 Sublimate this parenthesis of life where women feel less comfortable in their bodies even though they are so powerful and beautiful!

👉 Offer clothing that will give them back the feeling of comfort, security and freedom!

👉 Offer daily practicality and guarantee them the ability to breastfeed without compromises and with style!

Discreet openings on the front: the You&Milk signature

👉 Our openings are placed in a logical and discreet way: on the front with invisible zips, for the aesthetic aspect but espacially for the practical aspect!

Our nursing clothes allow you to breastfeed comfortably and freely!


👉 Our clothes allow you to feel free, assertive , and ready to feed your baby in 2 seconds flat. And thanks to the double slider openings, you even have the possibility of breastfeeding 2 babies at the same time .

You&Milk is the possibility of breastfeeding easily, freely, discreetly and with style in all circumstances!

The placement of openings: is there a logic?

If women's chest is in front:

Why 90% of nursing clothing brands offer
side openings? 🤐

There are 2 reasons:

👉 Less cost 💵 at the time of making / production in the workshops: the side opening being very often hidden in the side seam , this represents much less work for the workshops , therefore less time billed, therefore a cost of manufacturing decreased...

👉 It's easier to hide side openings on clothing designed for breastfeeding!

The biggest downside remains the impractical side of pulling on the openings to breastfeed, at the risk of damaging the clothe and the seams.

Classic zips or invisible zips?

At You&Milk, we are the invisible zip opening team! 😎

As for the industry, it often uses classic zips (those you can find on jackets/coats for example) thus reducing their costs 📉 using them.

The openings are thus visible, not practical and not very aesthetic (no one wants that!).

At You&Milk, we offer nursing clothes with zippers placed in a logical and discreet way for aesthetic aspect but above all for practical aspect !

They blend into the design of the clothing that we create, without distorting it, by total adequacy with what we are keen to offer you every day:

👉 beautiful breastfeeding clothes, practical, designed to simplify your breastfeeding, your maternity, which allow you to feel free, stylish and serene throughout your breastfeeding, and long after! 🥛🧡

In short,

Nursing clothes with front openings:

👉 It’s more DISCREET 🤩

👉 It’s more PRACTICAL for breastfeeding 🥛🧡

👉 It's a real challenge for us as a Brand for their original design, but a real advantage for you Mamas!