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The 1st stylish, practical, ingenious breastfeeding garment with really discreet openings!

Since 2019, we've been imagining the 1st breastfeeding and matchy-matchy dressing room designed in organic cotton and eco-responsible materials: the You&Milk DNA.

Wear our pregnancy and breastfeeding garments for as long as you like, even after you've finished breastfeeding, thanks to the ultra-invisible press stud or zip openings!

Discover our Mama & Baby capsule collections, as well as our dresses, jumpers, sweatshirts, t-shirts and nursing blouses!


Mama's dressing room


Baby's dressing room


The birth gift

We've come up with the perfect baby gift and in matchy matchy


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You&Milk also offers a whole range of maternity and breastfeeding lingerie for better everyday comfort and enhanced femininity!

You want to wear breastfeeding clothes that make you feel beautiful and good in your body! Make your choice of You&Milk ready-to-wear with a trendy t-shirt, a flowing and glamorous maternity dress or a piece of feminine nursing lingerie.

A whole collection of breastfeeding clothing awaits you on our online store and with You&Milk, for an ode to the elegance and well-being of pregnant or breastfeeding women .

Our collections of breastfeeding clothing are both practical and ingenious solutions, with discreet openings, which allow mothers to feel both comfortable and relaxed, without compromise on their style.

Our fashion pieces are designed to dress women through all stages of motherhood, with a fluid transition from the beginnings of a round belly to the adventure of breastfeeding and well after, thanks to opening systems innovative with snaps or zips, with ultra-invisible renderings.

A birth gift from our You&Milk brand is much more than just a piece of clothing, it is a proof of support and attention to the mother and her baby, a celebration of their unique bond.

Choosing You&Milk nursing clothing means offering the luxury of comfort and practicality without sacrificing style, and above all it means joining a community of women who share the same values ​​of love , respect and sustainability.

Take the plunge! Revolutionize your maternity and breastfeeding wardrobe with unique, practical and elegant clothes from You&Milk.

A solidarity brand that celebrates the whole family and the unwavering bond between mother and baby during the months of pregnancy, the period of childbirth and breastfeeding.

M I L K W I T H L O V E ♡