Breastfeeding clothes

You&Milk is the eco responsible dressing room, with no compromise between style and practicality for breastfeeding !

Breastfeeding clothes


When you choose to breastfeed your baby, you are embarking on an exceptional life adventure and accepting that your little one

may be hungry at any time of the day and you will need to be available for on-demand breastfeeding, according to their needs. Based on the realization that it was very difficult to find women's clothing that is both comfortable and practical for easy and free breastfeeding, You&Milk developed a whole range of pregnancy and breastfeeding clothing. With our dresses, t-shirts, shirts, blouses, sweaters, sweatshirts, as well as our collection of lingerie and breastfeeding underwear, you will experience a fulfilling and emotionally rich breastfeeding journey. Discover our matching Mama & Baby capsule collections, as well as our women's breastfeeding clothing: pregnancy dresses, our sweaters, sweatshirts, breastfeeding t-shirts, breastfeeding bras, breastfeeding bras and breastfeeding blouses! Several ideas for a birth gift for mom.

Revamp your breastfeeding wardrobe with You&Milk!

Pregnancy and motherhood are such magical moments in a woman's life that they should not be lived in discomfort or stress. A pregnant woman or a woman who chooses breastfeeding should be able to find in her closet clothes and lingerie that celebrate her femininity and desire for elegance.

This is why our selection of women's breastfeeding clothing is designed to adapt to all occasions, emphasizing practicality without ever sacrificing style.

Our breastfeeding outfits, from breastfeeding dresses to breastfeeding t-shirts and lingerie, are designed to make your daily life easier while making you feel beautiful, free, and comfortable.

Every maternity bra, every long dress, blouse, sweater, or t-shirt, is designed for its comfort, functionality, and style. Whether for a glamorous outing, a casual afternoon, or even for your sportswear activities, our range of breastfeeding clothing meets every need.

Imagine yourself in a striped dress specifically designed for stylish breastfeeding, or opt for a printed sweatshirt that offers the necessary freedom of movement while being easily adaptable for breastfeeding moments.

Every piece in our collection of breastfeeding clothing is designed for you, new or future moms, who want to maintain your style and elegance throughout the different stages of motherhood.

Our selection of clothing will satisfy all your desires and needs. Whether you're looking for a specific outfit like a long dress for a special occasion or need basics, essentials like a breastfeeding t-shirt for everyday use, You&Milk is here to accompany and meet your needs.

We invite you to dress in clothes that not only meet your baby's breastfeeding needs but also celebrate your uniqueness and the unique style of your wardrobe.

With You&Milk, choose the pregnancy and breastfeeding wardrobe that reflects who you are: a woman who fully lives every moment of her motherhood with freedom, comfort, and style.

Why are breastfeeding clothes different with You&Milk?

The birth of our breastfeeding and pregnancy clothing brand was motivated by the revelation of the unique moments of exchange and sharing that only motherhood offers.

It is therefore unthinkable for us to offer you breastfeeding outfits that are not also full-fledged fashion items to meet the femininity of the future mother.

The use of eco-friendly materials

Organic cotton is at the heart of our design approach. We choose fabrics not only for their softness and comfort but also for their positive impact on the environment. By prioritizing eco-friendly materials, we offer moms the opportunity to make sustainable choices that take care of the planet their children will inherit.

A design focused on comfort

Our women's clothing is designed to offer optimal comfort during breastfeeding and throughout the day. The needs of a new mom are multiple and varied.

Whether through discreet openings for breastfeeding, stretchy fabrics that adapt to changes in morphology, or cuts that allow you to stay comfortable without sacrificing style, no detail is left to chance.

Clothing available in a wide range of sizes

Every woman is unique, which is why our range of breastfeeding clothing is designed to fit all body shapes. From XS to XXL, we offer clothing for all sizes and underwear for all busts, ensuring that every expectant mother can find outfits that fit her perfectly and enhance her body during this special period of breastfeeding her baby.

Matching collections to vary styles

Motherhood is a unique adventure, and with You&Milk, a mom's wardrobe reflects her personality. Our collections of breastfeeding clothing allow young moms to play with styles, mixing and matching different pieces to create looks that are uniquely their own. Whether you're in the mood for glamour, casual, or something in between, our range of breastfeeding clothing offers the possibility to draw from your new mom's wardrobe to suit your mood and personal style.

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