Breast-feeding bras

Breast-feeding bras

Absolute comfort with our adapted nursing bras
and your baby, it is essential to pay particular attention to your comfort as well as a way to simplify feeding times.

This comfortand practicality, you find it through maternity clothes and maternity outfits. But it is also and above all thanks to suitable nursing lingerie that you will be able to truly enjoy these unique milky moments between you and your little one.

You&Milk offers you this opportunity by offering you a range of nursing brasand maternity bras. Pieces of lingerie for pregnant and breastfeeding women specifically designed so that every moment when baby is hungry passes with ease, comfort and simplicity.

These moments are above all opportunities for sharing, rich in emotions, but so fleeting that we must take full advantage of them, without constraints. Discover our Mama & capsule collections Matching baby, but also our nursing clothes for women: maternity dresses, our sweaters, sweats,nursing t-shirts, nursing bra, nursing bras and blouses breastfeeding ! Several ideas for making a birth gift for mom.

What attention should you pay when choosing your nursing bra?

Choosing your nursing bra requires paying attention to support, comfort, scalability, practicality and to aesthetics.

Adapted lingerie will accompany you comfortably and safely during this exceptional period. With the design of You&Milk nursing bras, we make the breastfeeding experience as pleasant and easy as possible for every young mother.

Our nursing bras and bras are:

  • Without underwire: For breastfeeding women, we recommend that you opt for nursing underwear without underwire in order to minimize any risk of compression of the breasts and thus ensure optimal comfort.
  • Made from eco-responsible materials: The skin becomes more sensitive during the breastfeeding period. You&Milk encourages you to favor soft, breathable and natural materials for your maternity underwear, so that they are pleasant to wear all day long. The softness of our fabrics based on organic cotton and elastane contributes to perfect support, while respecting the increased sensitivity of your skin.
  • Scalable: Taking into account the increase in chest size and the fluctuations in size which inevitably occur over the months and with the flow of milk, your bra must be able to evolve in the same way, without restricting your body's natural changes.
  • Available in different sizes: Correctly measuring your underbust circumference and cup size is essential to finding the right bra size for your body shape. A well-fitting bra provides excellent support for new mothers and allows you to breastfeed your baby comfortably.
  • Equipped with adjustable straps : The straps of your nursing bra should be both elastic and adjustable to ensure perfect support without putting excessive pressure on your shoulders.
  • Practical for breastfeeding your baby: The You&Milk nursing bra allows you to breastfeed your baby easily thanks to clips that are easy to open with one hand for lingerie that is feminine and adapted during the breastfeeding period.
  • Aesthetic: Our nursing bras are above all feminine and elegant. We ensure that our maternity lingerie designs are not limited to functionality but celebrateso your femininity. Alluring designs and thoughtful details make breastfeeding women feel beautiful and confident.

How to choose the size of your nursing bra?

Choosing the right size for your nursing bra is fundamental if you want to ensure perfect comfort and support during this very special time of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

To help you determine which size will suit you best, You&Milk offers you a simple and effective approach:

  • Use a tape measure: You must start by measuring the size of the chest and take the measurements of your circumference under the chest. This measurement should be taken while breathing normally, without tightening the tape measure, but maintaining just the necessary pressure so that it does not slip.
  • Consult our size guide: With You&Milk, you have a detailed size guide to guide you in your choice. Whether you are looking for cups suitable for small breasts or fuller busts, our guide is designed to guide you with sizes ranging from S to XXL.
  • Choose the size according to the cups: Our nursing underwear is available in a wide range of sizes, from cup 80E to 105D. A desire to guarantee all women, whether they have small or large sizes, to find the bra that will offer them good support and great breastfeeding comfort.
  • Think about how your body is changing: Take into account the changes in your body after giving birth. Your breasts may still vary in size during the breastfeeding period. We therefore recommend that you choose a bra with a little margin to adapt to these fluctuations, without sacrificing the support necessary for your well-being and the quality of lactation.

Choosing your nursing bra size should take into account both your current measurements and potential changes to your breasts during this period.

With the assistance of You&Milk, you will be able to easily identify the ideal size for you and ensure perfect comfort and support at the same time throughout the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Through the making of our maternity underwear, our goal is to offer you a breastfeeding experience that is as comfortable and practical as possible for celebrate these unique moments with baby.

When to buy a nursing bra?

From the first months of pregnancy, just before giving birth to your baby or just after giving birth? It's difficult to know when is the best time to buy your nursing bra to guarantee both comfort but without being caught off guard for the first feedings.

You&Milk gives you its advice for buying your nursing bra:

We recommend that you purchase your bra or your nursing braduring the last trimester of your pregnancy . At this point, your breast size has stabilized or will only increase slightly. The size you choose should be suitable for the breastfeeding period.

Another good time to make this purchase is a few weeks before your due date. A precaution that ensures you have the bra ready and available from the start of breastfeeding while taking into account the last changes in your body before the baby arrives.

You can also wait a few days after giving birth, once your milk flow has stabilized. This allows you to adjust the size if necessary for optimal comfort throughout the breastfeeding period.

Some mothers-to-be choose to purchase multiple bras in anticipation of size changes. You can buy a slightly larger bra for the first few days of breastfeeding, when your breasts are typically larger, and a slightly smaller size for later, once your milk supply and breast size increase. stabilize.

If you startFinding your current bras uncomfortable midway through your pregnancy is a sign that it's time to consider purchasing a You&Milk nursing bra.

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