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The new pregnancy and breastfeeding pillow is finally here 🙌 



THE pillow that's comfortable, hot and multi-purpose for pregnancy (supports your back, legs and tummy) and breastfeeding (keeps your baby at the ideal height, relieves pressure on your back and arms)...

It's possible! 

You&Milk has risen to the challenge to bring you this ultra-stylish accessory that you won't want to do without...

An exclusive, modern print (you know, not the leopard one, no way!), a back made from natural bamboo fibre (your skin will thank us, and your babies too), and a fastening system that makes it easy to place the cushion around you for comfortable feedings.

A shape that perfectly matches the body shape of expectant and new mothers.

A filling made from 100% plant-based Kapok fibre, free from endocrine disruptors and harmful substances, which is both supple and provides perfect support if you want to put baby on the cushion during feeds. 

Removable (with zips) for machine washing! 


🤗 Why you'll love it!

Because it's unique! Its leo print, its shape, its eco responsibility and its originality! 

It is designed and created in France, in a workshop based in the Paris region! 


 📐 Sizes

- Length: 150/170cm (inside/outside)

- Width: 15/35cm (ends/center)

- Height: 25cm


Created with love and made with care in Paris ♡ 🇫🇷

We ship worldwide 🌍

Beyond the magic of motherhood and welcoming a baby into the family, the pregnancy period also brings its own set of challenges for the expectant mother. The growing belly month after month transforms the daily life of a pregnant woman. And when the baby arrives, breastfeeding is as new as it is fleeting, something that should be enjoyed in the most comfortable manner possible. For all these reasons, and many more, comfort should be paramount, and it is through our pregnancy and nursing pillow at You&Milk that you will find it.

Why Use a Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow?

It can sometimes be difficult for expectant mothers during pregnancy or for new mothers breastfeeding to ensure comfort and well-being. Back pain, difficulty finding the right sleeping position, neck pain while breastfeeding your baby... These are all situations that pregnant women and those who choose to breastfeed their baby may encounter. If you want to enjoy a comfortable position for your baby or yourself during pregnancy or in the early months of breastfeeding, our pregnancy pillow and nursing pillow are essential for:

  • Support during Pregnancy: Our maternity and breastfeeding pillow is designed to fit your body's shape and provide the best comfort for your belly, back, hips, and legs. This balanced weight distribution relieves tension in the most stressed areas of your body. You benefit from a childcare accessory that allows you to maintain a comfortable posture and reduce lower back and pelvic pain.
  • Better Sleep: Many pregnant women find it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. Thanks to its adaptable shape and natural fiber filling, the You&Milk pregnancy pillow helps you sleep better. It offers the necessary support to maintain a safe and comfortable sleeping position.
  • Postpartum Comfort: After the baby arrives, our nursing pillow is equally useful. It supports your baby during breastfeeding or bottle-feeding and reduces tension on mom's arms and back. It can also be used as a support to help baby sit up.

When to Start Using a Maternity Pillow?

The answer from You&Milk, specialists in nursing clothes and accessories, is simple: from the early months of pregnancy. It is indeed from the moment the belly starts to weigh that the use of a maternity pillow becomes beneficial. Our ergonomic pillow is designed to adapt to your body shape and offer exceptional support not only in bed for a good night's sleep, but also on sofas and armchairs for a nap, ensuring maximum comfort each time.

One of the main advantages of our maternity pillow lies in its ability to relieve back pain. When lying down, placing the pillow like a bolster between your legs helps keep your spine straight. This allows you to enjoy a very comfortable position that is particularly recommended to promote better blood circulation throughout pregnancy and up to childbirth. After your baby is born, using a positioning pillow is just as essential for breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. It's a childcare accessory that provides the necessary support to keep your little one in the right position without overloading your back.

You&Milk therefore advises you not to wait to integrate this valuable ally into your daily life. The sooner you start using your maternity pillow, the more you will benefit from its benefits throughout your maternity and well beyond. It's an investment in the well-being of the expectant mother and that of the baby, a daily support that evolves with you and adapts to your changing needs at each stage of this beautiful adventure that represents the arrival of a baby.

In Which Positions to Use Your Pregnancy Pillow?

Among the many maternity accessories, the pregnancy pillow is extremely versatile in offering you a multitude of positions to optimize your comfort during pregnancy and breastfeeding. You&Milk explains how you can make the most of our maternity pillow:

  • As a classic pillow: For a good night's sleep, place the pillow under your head. Its fluffy texture provides superior comfort compared to a traditional pillow.
  • As a bolster: By using it as a body pillow under your belly or between your legs, you promote a better sleeping posture on your side. By opting for this use, your pregnancy pillow helps align your spine and thus reduce muscle tension.
  • Floor cushion: When sitting on the floor, your pregnancy pillow transforms into a comfortable support, ideal for creating a cozy nest with baby and offering a secure space for cuddling or during breastfeeding.
  • Travel pillow: Our pregnancy pillows are ergonomic. In bean or half-moon shapes, they allow you to easily find a relaxing position, even in confined spaces.
  • Baby support: Use it to keep baby at a comfortable height during breastfeeding or simply to enjoy a tender moment with him. Your maternity pillow provides optimal support for you and your child while reducing arm and back fatigue.

By choosing our pregnancy pillow, you opt for a versatile accessory that will accompany you throughout your pregnancy and well beyond. Thanks to its design and quality filling, it becomes a precious ally to diversify your sitting and lying positions, offering tailor-made comfort adapted to every moment of your daily life as an expectant and new mom.

How to Choose the Right Pregnancy Pillow?

To design our maternity and breastfeeding pillow, we took into account all the questions that expectant mothers may have. How to relieve my back during my pregnancy? Is my pregnancy pillow safe for my health and that of my baby? Will I be able to find a design and original maternity pillow?

To provide you with the best answers and guarantee your satisfaction, we ensured compliance with various aspects:

  • Quality of Filling: The quality of kapok filling (100% plant fiber without endocrine disruptors) ensures better support. By opting for a pillow with kapok filling, therefore free of harmful substances, you protect your health and that of your future baby while effectively relieving back pain.
  • Ease of Maintenance: You&Milk gives you the opportunity to choose a maternity and breastfeeding pillow whose cover can be easily removed and washed in the machine. This guarantees impeccable hygiene during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Quality of Materials Used: At You&Milk, we favor eco-responsible materials. These materials are not only environmentally friendly but also offer unparalleled softness and lightness that contribute to optimal comfort throughout the day and night.
  • Adapted Dimension: The size of the pregnancy pillow is designed to fit your body to provide effective support where you need it most.
  • The Design: An original print or a design that you like can not only beautify your space but also uplift your mood. The leopard print of our pregnancy pillow adds to its originality.

Thanks to these quality criteria, our You&Milk pregnancy pillow not only provides optimal support but also aligns with your personal and environmental values.

Why Choose the Pregnancy Pillow as a Baby Shower Gift for a New Mom?

Offering a pregnancy pillow as a baby shower gift for the new mom is a practical and thoughtful idea for women preparing to welcome a newborn.

For Comfort

From early pregnancy, the comfort of nights and quality of sleep become real challenges. Our pregnancy pillow is specially designed to offer optimal support, allowing the expectant mother to sleep comfortably, an absolute necessity to maintain her health and well-being during maternity.

For Tender Moments

It's not just a pregnancy gift, but also a precious ally for breastfeeding. Our pillow adjusts to support the baby at the ideal height, thereby relieving mom's arms and back during these intimate moments.

For an Eco-Responsible Gift

Choosing our eco-responsible pregnancy and breastfeeding pillow shows that you pay special attention to the well-being of the mother, baby, and the planet. Our pregnancy pillow, made in France, also helps reduce carbon footprint and supports the local economy.

For an Evolving Gift

Your maternity pillow adapts not only to the changing morphology of the expectant woman but continues to serve after birth to ensure the baby's comfort during breastfeeding, making this accessory a gift that evolves with the family. Offering a pregnancy and breastfeeding pillow as a baby shower gift for the mom is a meaningful gesture that brings comfort, support, and well-being from the early days of pregnancy and beyond.

Inner cover : Canvas : 100% Cotton
Filling: 100% Kapok plant fibre

Nursing pillow cover :
-Leopard side : 94% cotton 6% Elasthane
-Bamboo micro terry face :
40% Viscose 20% Cotton 40% Polyester

Cover machine washable inside out at 30° (hand wash first time)

No tumble dryer

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