Our environmental commitments

Our clothes are made of organic cotton and eco-responsible materials

Don't want to choose between a cosmetic or ethical breastfeeding brand?

​Neither do we, which is why since our creation in September 2019, we offer the first organic cotton breastfeeding and family brand!

Why organic cotton and not conventional cotton ?

The first reason is that organic cotton is less #polluting and more #ecological, in that it allows us to make & offer you ethical clothes, respectful of the environment, & of (your) health 🩺.

​Organic cotton is grown with natural fertilizer, without any pesticides.

​Another very important point: its cultivation requires less water for its production & textile manufacturing, 91% less water is needed compared to that of conventional cotton... you can imagine!

Less water because there is no need to spray chemical pesticides and other toxic products, AND the use of a water-saving irrigation technique, excluding intensive irrigation.

​Did you know that the production of a conventional cotton T-shirt requires half a kilo of chemical fertilizers & pesticides?

It makes you think...

And to go even further

Moreover, as our DNA is to take care of you, your family during your milking adventure (and even well beyond... Cuckoo to the non-breastfeeding moms & women who, outside of Maternity, fall for our pieces!), it is essential for us to know that our clothes designed in organic cotton will not cause allergies in you, & will be particularly suitable for your children.

We also work with our suppliers to offer you new fabrics with new family [and everybody] friendly certifications & dyes that are always more #green: Lenzing Eco Vero (the final fabric is an ecological, solid and breathable viscose.

The wood used for ECOVERO® fibers comes from sustainable forests, certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Pan European Forest Certification), Detox certification approved by Greenpeace,...

Finally, because we are a bit of a stickler, all the clothes we receive from our workshops are packaged in 100% biodegradable packaging #planetfriendly