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Fée Dodo accompanies and helps parents to calm their baby's sleep

Sociologist and psycho-pedagogue of the relationship, Caroline Ferriol, founder of Fée Dodo, has herself lived through the hell of sleepless nights of a GERD baby. After having struggled to get her head above water, the observation of a cruel lack of information on the sleep of babies and children gave rise to a visceral need to dig deeper, to train in depth on the subject. Curiosity quickly gave way to a burning passion, and Fée Dodo was born with a mission: to inform and accompany, so that no family will ever again be confronted with the dramatic consequences of sleep deprivation.

Caroline quickly realised that once the sleep issue was taken care of, families had the time and energy to deal with many other issues. Indeed, when you are a parent, everyday life is often full of knots and challenges.

So, quite naturally, the idea of providing support from a "Village" to help raise one's child made its way to becoming a reality: the Fée Dodo Village was born.

The Fée Dodo Village

In order to provide the comprehensive care she was unable to take advantage of even though she felt the need, Caroline Ferriol gradually developed three other brands:

Madame Miam, carried by Myriam Alexis, paediatric nutritionist dietician;

Happy Nanny, carried by Lauranne Allirand, consultant in positive parenting;

Sleep Angel, carried by Aurélie Montin, a specialist in adult sleep.

These brands form the heart of the Fée Dodo Village, which aims to be a caring and holistic space for every parent seeking support. Around them, many partners in the field of perinatal, postpartum and parenthood are highlighted, allowing parents to discover, explore, learn, be supported and, in all cases, to make the most informed choices possible.

Fée Dodo webinars

In addition to support and consultation, Fée Dodo and its various brands offer solutions for the whole family through its various webinars

For baby's sleep, the many Fée Dodo webinars teach, among other things, how to encourage sleep in newborns, how to put your baby to sleep independently, how to relieve your baby of GERD, how to deal with night-time awakenings and nap refusals; Webinar "Sleep and nutrition for GERD babies".

For the education of the child, or for the sleep of the teenager and the parent, find all our information and our webinars on the Fée Dodo website.

Future and young parents pack

(babies 0 to 3 months)

Understanding babies' and children's sleep and accompanying infants towards quality sleep

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Module 1

(3 months to 5 years)

The basics of sleep for babies and children and autonoumous sleep

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Module 2

(3 months to 5 years)

Naps and sleep regressions

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Module 3

(3 months to 5 years)

Dummies, childcare, teething, school...

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Module 4

(0 to 5 years)

Sleep and feeding in babies GERD

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Module 5

(3 months to 5 years)

Waking up too early, sleeping with twins, sleeping on the move, nightmares and night terrors...

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Module 6

(2 months to 5 years)

Information and advice on independent sleep methods

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Module 7

(18 months to 5 years)

Specific difficulties for children aged 18 months to 5 years

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Module 8

(3 to 8 months)

Questions & Answers

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