Our humanitarian commitments

Helps Mamas

I have been to the Ivory Coast twice during my various humanitarian missions and this country has remained dear to my heart.

Through the creation of our Brand celebrating the Family, this humanitarian commitment is stronger than ever.

The faMILKy has, even on its small scale :), a message to carry & an action to carry out, like each of you.

What is C.A.M.A ?

That's why every time you buy or offer a You&Milk box, one euro will be donated to the association C.A.M.A (Centre d'Accueil des Mamans d'Anani), a mother-baby unit located in the heart of an underprivileged area in Ivory Coast.

This will allow us to support them, to contribute to the purchase of products such as milk, drinking water, care, food packages,... & we hope so much more!​

We can't buy breastfeeding, but we can be active in helping these underprivileged babies.

Mamas, let's be united !

We hope to accompany, thanks to you, these young mothers & their babies...

And why not one day, take You&Milk there... Our dearest DREAM !

In addition to making yourself or your darling, your sister, your daughter, your cousin, your friend happy,... you will make a nice gesture for these mothers and their babies. It's a good thing, because at You&Milk, we love beautiful stories!

And we promise that we will regularly share with you news and photos of these moms and their babies.