Découvrez Mellipou

Who is Mellipou and what is its concept? Marie Valton, its creator, has come up with an innovative and hot concept, and the first lullaby she has launched? We take you on a tour of their world where all babies will finally fall asleep with pretty lullabies. Mellipou is a French brand that makes its creations in France 🇫🇷 !


Mellipou's mission in a few words? To make you dream! To dream because Mellipou's universe is made of colours, good mood and music of course! Open your ears, because we are going to explain everything to you...

Marie Valton, the creator...

At the age of 33, determined, creative and daring, she decided to stop everything and start her own business.

In 2008, MELLIPOU was born.

A great idea and audacity...

When she became a mother, Marie was desperately looking for a music box to put her daughter to sleep... But none of them were to her liking.

So she decides to think of and develop a fun new product: a cloud-shaped music box with an unexpected song as a lullaby... "Thriller" by Michael Jackson ! It was a daring move, but it was a success : at last, a music box that young parents would also like ! The press was won over, the shops asked for this revolutionary music box and the customers loved it !

And what was Mellipou before ?

A lot has changed since Mellipou was born. In 2008, the logo and the products were nothing like they are today !

You must have spotted the iconic baby bath cape with its leopard print in your parenting magazines !

A team that also helps parents sleep

All these insomniacs are extremely sensitive to the values of Mellipou. Each member of the team works in his or her own field, in order to provide a solution for parents of young children.

Their duty : to help you gain minutes of sleep.

Their motto : Make babies, Mellipou does the rest !

Their unique know-how, of which only Mellipou has the secret, required years of expertise before finding the right balance between trendy and decorative products, original and efficient.

Community Manager
CLOTILDE alias Cloclo.

Graphic designer
ALEXIS alias Alexis Cruz

A new kind of music box...

Mellipou is above all happy parents! Yes, happy because their ears are finally pampered! No more namby-pamby music to put your babies to sleep, now it's time for modernity with original lullabies whose success has rocked your adolescence or your current life :
The "Game of Thrones soundtrack" for fans of the most watched series of all time,
"Harry Potter" for those who are learning to be wizards,
"Dirty Dancing" for those who train every summer in the water to reproduce the mythical lift,
"Someone like you", which needs no introduction, by Adele
"I just called to say I love you" by Stevie Wonder for the most romantic,
"Light my fire" by the Doors for the most rock'n'roll of families.

You can even test the soporific power of lullabies by listening to them in MP3 format, but beware, you may well fall into the arms of Morpheus in 2 minutes 30 seconds...

​Lullabies that, for once, parents like !

French know-how

It is in their Parisian showroom that Marie, the designer, imagines the music boxes of tomorrow! The design and manufacture are French. Yes, yes ! Everything is made in Paris itself. Cocoricoooooo !

Every day, their talented seamstresses work hard to create the music box of your dreams with love and care.

Mellipou favours French or European origin for its supplies (fabrics, ribbons, labels...). The fabrics are all Oeko-tex certified and all the products have the CE standard for toys. So there is no need to worry about the safety of your baby. Mellipou is completely transparent !

No overproduction, Mellipou only manufactures to order so no waste. And the fibres used to stuff the products are made from recycled plastic bottles.Quality is a priority at Mellipou.