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Written by You&Milk - Updated on May 5, 2023

Summary :

    Marie, who runs the Instagram account @graine_de_caillou, recently told me about her incredible adventure of co-breeding with her children.

    She lived it fully, intensely, instinctively, and it is with great emotion and gratitude that I have collected her testimony.

    "Breastfeeding was not a given for my older daughter. I had never seen a woman breastfeed but I wanted to try... After a difficult start, I finally breastfed her for 13 months. I loved all those magical milky moments even though I was a "victim" of the lack of information and support... When I was pregnant with my second child, breastfeeding became a matter of course. I was on bed rest early on in my pregnancy and did a lot of research. I was aiming for uninterrupted breastfeeding! The implementation of this second breastfeeding was much easier despite a very present REF.

    We soon decided to have a third child.

    I got pregnant when my son was 15 months old.

    These feeding moments became even more magical as my belly grew.

    I loved seeing my son suckling and already bonding with this little brother I was carrying. Towards the end of the pregnancy I had less milk, but my son continued to suckle despite his frustration at not having as much milk...

    I chose to have this third baby born at home.

    Of course, he was going to be breastfed and to my great delight, he was going to be co-nursing with his big brother. His birth was magical; in the living room in front of the fire. He suckled very well from the start. I was very confident, I knew.

    The first co-tea was magical! It took place as soon as the two brothers met. An unforgettable moment!

    On day 1 my milk came in, which was made easier by the fact that my big brother was still suckling. No engorgement and no pain from a tense breast! My chief tetter, delighted to find plenty of milk, also avoided the ref that we had fought against a few months earlier. Everything fell into place as if it was a matter of course.

    My youngest was breastfed on cue and his older brother could always be breastfed on demand.

    I was giving priority to my little one but the fact that the big one could also suckle made him accept the arrival of a new baby in the family without any jealousy.

    My big boy kept his place and shared a magical bond, already strong, with his little brother.

    As time went by, the older child's feedings became less frequent, but we always kept the end-of-day feedings together as a ritual.

    I was amazed that my body had adapted to this and was producing different milk on each of my breasts during this feeding. It was amazing!

    Moreover, it was soothing for both of them.

    Seeing them hold hands during this already magical moment will stay with me forever! I co-feeding with my sons for 16 months, until the big brother was naturally weaned at 39 months.

    Co-feeding helped a lot with the acceptance of the baby.

    A great complicity was born!

    Breastfeeding two children was easier in the setting up of this new life with 5 children.

    Everything flowed naturally! I didn't experience it as an extra burden, quite the contrary...

    My youngest continued until he was 43 months old. Sometimes his brother and sister would ask for a little milk but not at the breast, as the sucking reflex was lost as they grew up. So I would pump a little milk and while my little brother was feeding, they would taste mummy's milk at the same time. It was fun!

    My whole experience of breastfeeding, which will have been different from one child to another, has helped me to grow and above all to gain confidence in myself and my children!

    In the end, I breastfed for more than 8 years, and I'm proud of it! I used to say to my eldest daughter "we'll see, I'll try at least until she's two months old...".

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