Breastfeeding bra

I want to buy the Mumderwear bra, but I'm having trouble understanding the size guide?

We recommend that you first check your bra size by following the explanations below.

How do you take measurements?

Take your measurements without a bra if your breasts are high and firm.

​Otherwise, wear a bra without padding, one that does not (overly) constrict or flatten your breasts (especially not a sports bra!).

First, measure the underside of the chest: place the tape measure under the chest and measure as you exhale, holding it tightly. Make sure it is parallel to the ground (otherwise it adds cm!!!).

This measurement gives you your bra size according to these equivalences:

Then take the chest measurement: place the tape around the chest at the nipple (where it is widest), loosely this time. Make sure it is parallel to the ground.

This measurement helps you find your cup size: the difference between the two measurements gives you the cup size.

What's wearing in our sublime muses mums ?

Cecile is a size L and measures 75cm under the bust and 92cm around the chest.

Lucile is a size M and measures 75cm under the bust and 90cm around the chest

Bunmi porte du L et mesure 80cm de dessous de poitrine et 97cm de tour de poitrine